VIDEO LESSON: The Perils of Carrying a Knife


This video demonstrates how a simple fight can easily escalate into a stabbing. In this instance, it appears that the "victim", although willing to brandish his knife, was not necessarily prepared to use it. The result was disastrous for him.

The victim displays the knife in classic "come on!" fashion (arms out from body with chest forward). His assailant immediate raises and lowers his arms as if to say calmly "hey man, what's up with the knife?". This gesture is an act of deception designed to lull the victim into inaction.

The "lull" is the assailant's trigger to act. He explosively uses his right arm to pressure and trap the knife hand, while executing a disrupting strike with his left arm. The "victim", mentally unprepared for immediate action, is stunned and drops the knife.

The victim, unaware of the danger of other assailants, grapples with the first assailant. After executing the single stab, the assailants DISENGAGE from the scene with complete commitment.

* Self-defense is not about carrying a knife.

* Self-defense is not about threatening with a knife.

* Self-defense is about have the willingness to do "what it takes" to defend yourself.

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