NEWS STORY LESSON: Postal Employee Fights Off Attackers Despite Being Stabbed,

Fla. -- An Oviedo post office employee was attacked and stabbed Friday morning. Now police are searching for the two men who did it.The employee was sleeping in his truck (Selection of Victim) an hour before his shift started, when the men pulled him out of the truck. (Physical Attack) The stabbed postal service clerk drove himself to the hospital (After effects) and the men who tried to rob him have not been caught. That same military mentality he developed in the Navy perhaps helped save his life (DECIDE) Friday morning. He said he was taking a nap in his 1959 Chevy pickup when the men attacked him."Two people came up and pulled me out of the truck and accosted me. I just started fighting back, punching, kicking, yelling, whatever it took," (DISRUPT) he explained. Before he knew it, he was on the ground bleeding from two stab wounds. Whoever attacked him ran away (DISENGAGE)."They didn't take any money. They didn't take the truck," he said."Survival is what you're thinking about. I wasn't gonna stand still," he said. (DEBRIEF)

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